Genesis 12:2 says, “…; and thou shalt be a blessing:” This describes the life and ministry of Bishop J. Anthony Grant. A well known pastor, teacher, husband, spiritual father and administrator. He is married to Co-Pastor Angela D. Grant. Bishop Grant pastors one of the most transforming ministries in the Shreveport, Louisiana area, the Greater New Zion Full Gospel Baptist Church. Bishop Grant is covered in ministry by Bishop L. Lawrence Brandon Jr., Pastor of Praise Temple Full Gospel BC.
Bishop Grant was born and raised in the small East Texas city known as Mt. Pleasant. Mr. Grant graduated from Mt. Pleasant High School with honors in 1981. He attended Tyler Jr. College and Southern Methodist University. He is currently enrolled in a Retail Management Training Program at Tyler Junior College.
An active member of FGBCFI, Bishop Grant serves as Bishop to the District Overseers/Directors. He has also served as District Director of Christian Education and the 1st Assistant to the District Overseer.
He is an active businessman. He currently serves as a store director of Brookshire’s Grocery Company, where he has worked for over 30 years.
Bishop Grant is the founder and CEO of JAG Family Resource Center ( JAG Family Resource Center services as a source for providing homes, creating jobs, transitioning people from prison to work program, establishing businesses, and setting up in-house ministries) .
He is also the founder of JAG Ministries and serves as Chancellor of the Just Ask God School of ministry in Shreveport, Louisiana. Bishop Grant is also the co-founder and Chancellor of
Lo-Rhe Bible Institute Shreveport, Louisiana. He is also a board member of the LL Brandon Academy.

Favor definitely rests upon those connected to Bishop Grant; the Glory of the latter shall be GREATER than that of the former.