The JAG Family Resource Center is a point of contact where families or individuals are be able to find everything they need all in one place. Whether the need is food, clothing, shelter, or even educational classes or training in various skills sets, the JAG Family Resource Center is here to help.

Our goal is to serve the community by working with other organizations, venders, local and national chains in order to provide families with whatever resources they may need, from GED or tutorial programs for adults and children, to first time home buyers classes, employment, housing, and medical treatment, just to name a few.

The inspiration for the JAG Family Resource Center comes from Overseer Grant’s love of helping people.

“Moving to Shreveport Louisiana on a job transfer actually put me at a bit of an advantage because I already had a support team to help me transition smoothly. This made me think about all the people who have to relocate without having a support system in place. They may find themselves in a new community, city, state or country where the resources are limited. They may not know where to go and may not have transportation. They may not know who to talk to, or they may not even speak the language. I began to think that it would be so much better for them if they could go to one place to get all of their affairs in order. The inspiration for the JAG Family Resource Center basically comes from my understanding of how difficult moving to Shreveport could have been for me if I did not have any direction; not knowing where to look for a house, where to look for schools, or where to get medical treatment.

“When I think about resources, I think about the matriarch of the family. You can go to her and ask her for anything you need or anything you need to know because she is very resourceful. If she did not know the answer, she always knew who to ask or who to call.” ~Overseer Grant~

This is what the JAG Family Resource Center is all about; having someone available to not only help you get food or clothing, but also to provide you with information and make the right connections to help you make a fresh start in life. We have assisted many families and individuals with paying utility bills, relocating and securing housing and furniture, as well as debt cancellation and debt consolidation.


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