“I was called into ministry in January and later became interim pastor in September of the same year. The following January I was pastor. I had the working knowledge of the bible and deaconship, but I did not have any training in a hands on approach to ministry.” – Overseer Grant -

Although there are definitely great seminaries out there, JAG School of Ministry is not a theological seminary and is not designed for you to gather that level of knowledge.  However, the JAG School of Ministry provides training for those in the helps ministries as well as fosters a hands on approach to ministry training where the average person can come and learn how to be a great help to the ministry they are in. We learn about spiritual gifts, the five-fold ministry, weddings, funerals, how to visit the sick, as well as a variety of other ministry related topics.  Although the student does not graduate to an eldership or pastorate, the training you receive from the JAG School of Ministry can be instrumental in preparation to be an elder or pastor.  JAG School of Ministry is strictly designed so that the average person can learn about different facets of ministry, the spiritual gifts and which ones they possess, how to operate in your designated area of ministry, along with the order and flow of ministry. These specific trainings allow you to more effectively serve in your area of expertise.


The Vision of the JAG School of Ministry is to give people the necessary tools to make an impact in ministry.

The Hands on Approach to Ministry Training

Phase I – Evangelize Your Community

During the two weeks prior to the training Seminar, our Ministry team will launch a full evangelism effort to reach peope in your community.

Phase II – Friday Night Crusade

To impact your community, we will bring people together for a fellowship and also have a healing and deliverance service.

Phase III – Training Seminar

Saturday morning following the Friday Night Crusade, we will provide classroom training for everyone that wants to be a part of ministry, with classes for:

Pastors                       Ushers                       Evangelism

1st Ladies                   Deacons                     Media

Administrators             Intercessors                Marketing

Ministers of Dance       Ministers of Music       Finance

Altar Workers              Greeters

Final Phase – Putting it all Together

We will break for lunch.  After a period of time we will reconvene for an evening service in order to give your ministry team an opportunity to put into action the training they received in the classroom.  This will allow every one to gain first hand knowledge and understading of how it all comes together and how everything should flow in order and in excellence.

If you would like to bring the JAG School of Ministry to your area, please contact us.



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