“Back in the 90’s, when I was a deacon at the church I was attending, there was a young lady who needed to go to summer school in college.  If she did not go to that summer semester, she would have to wait a complete year to continue on and graduate; but if she could take that one course, she would be able to graduate on schedule without the expense of having to go another year. So I took money out of my own savings account and paid for her tuition. That was actually the first unofficial scholarship of JAG Ministries. She asked me how she could pay me back and what could she do.  I told her that the way to pay me back is to help others go to college and graduate.”  -Overseer Grant- 

Just Ask God Ministries is a scholarship program that was birthed through Overseer Grant’s desire to help people reach their full potential and assist those who had a desire to go to college. At its inception, JAG Ministries began by J. Anthony Grant reaching into his own checkbook to provide funding for college hopefuls.

There was nothing official about it; there was very little structure to it. Basically if I find out or you came and asked me, then I would see what I could do to help you.” 

Later, God allowed Overseer Grant to join forces with likeminded men and women who also wanted to help the community in this way.

“We discovered that by working together, we could make a much greater impact than we ever were separately.”

Together, they developed an official scholarship program. The JAG changed from James Anthony Grant, and now we are Just Ask God Ministries Incorporated.  Funding for this scholarship program is provided through special seed sowing services, contributions, and the JAG School of Ministry, which provides deeper learning into the spiritual realm.

“We saw how people were being impacted just by being able to come to a place and learn of spiritual things. The tuition and fees from the JAG School of Ministry provided the funding for the scholarship program and JAG Ministries basically grew from there.”

God has now allowed us to expand our reach by forming ministry teams that travel to different places to work with others who have the right spirit but may not have enough exposure to understand how to operate with excellence in ministry.  Through our training seminars, we are able to leave an entire area impacted and people equipped with the necessary tools to operate efficiently, effectively and empowered to make a positive change in their own communities.



Whereas Greater New Zion is a place for positive change for people in the Shreveport-Bossier area, JAG Ministries is a place of empowerment on an international level.

If you would like more information on the services provided by JAG Ministries Incorporated, please contact us.