Where it all began

Every man is not equipped to make it in the world after being released from prison. Every family is not ready to receive him back and not every family environment is conducive for him to transition properly. Sometimes, when a person is paroled, they are released to a halfway house, but what happens when there is no halfway house available; no place in between.

In 1999, Overseer Grant sat down with his spiritual son, the late Paul Perrow, who had a passion for prison ministry. He wanted a ministry that would help men to make the transitions from prison to becoming viable members in society. After research and development, Neutral Ground was formed as a 501(c)(3) organization. This ministry represents the ground of neutrality between being confined to a structured environment where one is basically told what they are allowed to do and living on one’s own terms.

The Vision

Neutral Ground Ministries is a program designed to help men make this critical transition by providing a safe place where cleansing can take place, the mindset can be changed and men can be empowered before they totally re-enter society. During the six months prior to his release, we will work with the Department of Public Safety and Corrections, Attorneys, Social Workers, other ministries, as well as families and various organizations to develop a system to ensure that he has all that he needs while on neutral ground. The Neutral Ground experience will be a structured program with documented transitioning.

The next step in making this vision a reality is to secure a building where we can provide transitional housing to those program participants who need it.

How you can help

To support this ministry you can refer men to us who need our services. If you are willing to hire men with a criminal record, please contact us. You can connect with the ministry financially as well as offer your resources, your time, talents or skills. You can donate a building, furniture, or building renovation services. If there are other ways that you would like to help, please feel free to contact us.


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