A Place for Positive Change

We, the Greater New Zion Full Gospel Baptist Church, pledge to provide you with a relaxed atmosphere that is conducive for positive change.  Our focus is building healthy families.  Our mission is perfecting ordinary people for an extraordinary purpose.  Our vision is to mature and perfect people through greater teaching, training  and development, thereby “Changing A Generation.”  Our ultimate goal is to be a ministry where you come in at one level and are transformed to a GREATER level in every area of your life.

A Place for Praise & Worship

True praise is being truly thankful to God from your heart and allowing that inward gratitude to translate to an outward expression. You may choose to express your praise verbally or with clapping, lifting or waving your hands. You can praise God through song or dance. True worship means we sincerely adore God for who He is [not for what He does for us] and give God a special place in our hearts.  The bible teaches us that we love God because He first loved us.  Worship is an expression of our extreme love and adoration for Him.  When you come to Greater New Zion, you can expect an extremely energetic service where you are free to offer God true praise and worship Him in your own way. The GREATER worship experience will fulfill the unexpressed needs of all who attend.

A Place for Empowerment

We want you to take away from your worship experience with us a greater love for God, a greater respect for the principles and precepts of God, and an understanding that God has a perfect plan for your life.  Our foundation scripture is Joshua 3:3.  Through GREATER teaching, you will receive a relevant word from God to help you understand what your next step in life is, and how to take that next step.  Greater New Zion is shepherded by a prophetic preacher whose focus is building healthy families and empowering people for spiritual growth and maturity.  His holistic approach addresses all levels: financial, intellectual, spiritual, professional, as well as personal health and wellness.  You can expect to leave a service  empowered to have more authority over things that are going on in your life, even the negative things that could eventually destroy you.

A Place for Everyone

The Greater New Zion Full Gospel Baptist Church is a multi-cultural ministry where everyone can worship and feel comfortable, regardless of race, ethnicity, language, or socio-economic status.  We are better together!  When you come to Greater New Zion, you will find that the dress is relaxed and you will be surrounded by friendly and caring people who will greet you with love.  The standard for GREATER disciples is to show extreme love, care and concern for one another and to treat those who visit with us as our honored guests.